Based in the manufacturing center of the US, Detroit, Moore Doeren Mayhew is a CPA firm serving the manufacturing sector. Our specialists will help you create production efficiencies, maintain quality and make effective and informed decisions on human capital and technology investments by providing solid financial data.
Manufacturing Sectors Served:

  • Automotive

  • Chemical

  • Food processing

  • Specialty plastics

  • Tool and die

  • And more

Outside the traditional CPA firm service offerings, Moore Doeren Mayhew provides services unique to manufacturers including:

  • Supply-cost management studies

  • Lean manufacturing assessments

  • Evaluation of sales channels

  • Analysis of cost of manufactured items

  • Strategic planning for plant expansions

  • Inventory and data management

  • Operational restructuring

  • Tax incentives for exporters

  • Establish manufacturing and sales operations outside the US

  • Assist foreign based companies establish and structure operations in the US