Wholesale and Distribution

The wholesale and distribution sector is constantly changing and is impacted by the shifting sands of regulatory frameworks in various jurisdictions, technological developments and the general economic health of the marketplace. With more than 80 years of experience Moore Doeren Mayhew has experienced many business cycles with our clients and is uniquely qualified to assist clients in good times and challenging ones.  
Moore Doeren Mayhew's team of specialists help mitigate financial, operational, and regulatory risks arising from such a challenging environment, providing specific advice to privately-owned and listed wholesale distributors to assist in creating efficiencies without compromising product delivery. Guiding our ability to do this is our range of accounting services specific to the wholesale and distribution industry, which includes:

  • Audits, reviews and compilations for reporting to lenders, investors and partners

  • Wholesale and distribution accounting services

  • Agreed-upon procedures tailored to your needs

  • Establishing or improving in-house accounting systems

  • Annual tax compliance and savings planning, including reviewing depreciation strategy and inventory write-downs

  • Property tax issues and inventory calculations

  • Cost segregation studies to identify tax savings opportunities on buildings and properties

  • Internal controls evaluations to help improve operational efficiencies, prevent theft and fraud, and ensure accurate financial reporting

  • Financial projections, budgets and forecasts

  • Cash-flow management

  • Benchmarking against competitors and the industry

  • Key performance indicators to monitor financials, track trends and uncover opportunities

  • HR support and assistance with organizational structuring and compensation planning

  • Strategic planning

  • Process improvement assessments to identify workflow weaknesses and enhancements

  • Risk management assistance

  • Succession and exit planning

Consistent with our belief that there are no ‘one size’ solutions, the Moore Doeren Mayhew specialists take a consultative approach, asking a lot of questions, to gain a thorough understanding of each client’s unique circumstance so we can offer advice specific to each situation. This approach helps us maintain one of the highest client retention rates in the profession.