Business Consulting

Successful organizations need a range of advisory services to support their long term growth plans.

No one wants to be a stranger in a strange land. That’s why Moore Doeren Mayhew's international business advisors help companies abroad do business in the United States, as well as those in the United States do business abroad. We take our global experience and leverage it into a nimble, client-centered, tightly-knit team, uniquely positioning us to be your guide in this complex endeavor. This way, we can provide personalized guidance that is a reflection of you – what you want, what you need and how you want our relationship to be structured.

The number of regulations, laws and policies you have to follow in the global marketplace is daunting to say the least. But you have to keep up to keep pace, and we help you do just that. Our team of international specialists provides a complete range of international tax, accounting, financial and advisory services. And unlike many larger firms, our talented team is also proactive, agile and responsive.

By developing a real understanding of your business and the issues and challenges you are facing, our advisory teams use local and global knowledge to help you achieve your goals.

We deliver high quality solutions in more than 110 countries worldwide and while Moore Doeren Mayhew’s service rivals those of the largest organizations in quality and cost, it is also flexible to your needs.

We have a proven track record of working with a range of clients – from entrepreneurial start-ups to established global entities - helping them develop and refine their business strategies. Our tailored services include:

  • Persuasive business case presentation to build consensus and understanding of business purpose, direction and goals

  • Explore strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in your current and potential market segments

  • Financial projections to provide an accurate picture of your organization’s financial health

  • Credible feasibility studies

  • Development of short- and long-term goals

  • Exit planning strategies

  • Helping you determine if your business should expand into different countries

2019-10-31_9-Questions-to-Ask-cover-with-border_rsz-for-web-(1).pngInterested in establishing a business presence in the United States? Download our complimentary ebook 9 Questions to Ask Before Establishing a Presence in the United States and learn about what it takes to do business in the U.S.