As a non-profit, it is critical to demonstrate not only the value linked to your mission, but to gain the confidence of supporters in your ability to fulfill it. To accomplish this, your management team and board of directors must find ways to improve business efficiencies and maintain compliance, all while delivering on your commitment to the mission and its beneficiaries and constituents. With more than 80 years of industry experience, Moore Doeren Mayhew understands that non-profit organizations are under continuous pressure to keep pace with demands for transparency, accountability, and governance. Every penny is critical and best value is an over-riding factor in decision making.

Moore Doeren Mayhew’s Non-Profit Group acts as a trusted advisor to hundreds of non-profit organizations across the nation. Whether you are looking for tailored financial reporting, tax services or assistance getting your non-profit organization started, Moore Doeren Mayhew has a wide variety of services to help you.

Our dedicated professionals use their extensive experience and knowledge to help maximize operational efficiencies, improve funding opportunities, mitigate risk and systematically track progress against goals to ensure long term sustainability.

Non-Profits Served

  • Charitable organizations

  • Human service agencies

  • Membership organizations

  • Cultural organizations

  • Foundations

  • Professional associations

  • Religious organizations

  • Governmental entities

  • Higher-education organizations

Non-Profit Services

  • Audits, reviews and compilations

  • OMB Circular A-133 audits

  • Agreed-upon procedures tailored to your organization’s needs

  • Internal controls review

  • Employee benefit plan audits

  • Tax planning and compliance to help manage tax risks:

    • Preparation of tax returns, including Form 990, 990T and 990-PF

    • Unrelated business income tax consultation

    • Non-qualified compensation plan reviews

    • Tax-exemption status application assistance

    • Preparation of Initial and Renewable Solicitation Registration forms

    • Preparation of state reporting forms

  • Budgeting, forecasting and projections to assist in developing long-term strategic goals

  • Organization structure and business model development

  • Policy and procedures development to foster corporate responsibility

  • License to solicit preparation

  • Financing and endowment alternative opportunity identification

  • Payroll services to help minimize internal overhead costs

  • Business management advisory to help increase profitability and growth opportunities

  • 501 Alliance reporting to accurately track quarterly contributions