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Moore Doeren Mayhew, P.C.

Detroit, Michigan

Moore Doeren Mayhew (Moore DM) is an international full-service professional services firm with headquarters in Detroit, Michigan. The firm was founded in 1932 and is dedicated to developing and maintaining a reputation for performing services to the highest standards of the profession.
We began expanding our international footprint in January 2017 by opening an office in Zurich Switzerland (Moore DM GmbH). This was followed by opening our London office (Moore DM Ltd.) in November of that same year. Our European team has grown to nearly 20.
We offer a variety of services to our clients, who operate in a range of industries.
Our competitive positioning statement says the following, "Moore DM assists privately-controlled businesses - and the families who own them - in building and preserving wealth by providing privileged access to specialists, knowledge, and the highest quality personal service." We do not take this statement for granted and apply this on a daily basis to all of our clients.
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